I recently ordered Nuheart from this company to use as heartworm prevention. Nuheart is their brand of Heartguard, supposedly both products have the same ingredients.

I have 3 dogs and I gave 2 of the 3 dogs the heartworm med. I wanted to wait on giving it to my 3rd because she's 13 years old and has had seizures in the past due to flea med. Boy am I glad I did!!! Both dogs got very sick!!

My Shitzu eyes ran terribly, her hair turned ORANGE like she was soo allergic, both dogs got severe diarrhea so much so they had to be put on medicine.

I love my animals like they are my children as I know a lot of others do, so please learn from my mistake and DON'T by from this company. 3/1/13

Monetary Loss: $60.

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