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Update by user Nov 05, 2011

Here is an update:

In order to sue them, I would have to get an Australien lawyer, since the medication is shipped from Australia.

I finally got in touch with them and I was told I would get my money back. In this email they said:

\"It is unfortunate that Revolution did not work for your pets.You may try other products available in our website in the future.\"

So, regarding their statement, it is not the product, it is THE CATS and that is why the medication does not work. Seriously?

This is big time fraud and I hope the police will investigate soon and shut down this company.

Original review posted by user Nov 05, 2011

I have been ordering "Revolution" from Pet Shed for last last six

months and spent $240.

The "Revolution" they sell is ineffective. I am a volunteer for a cat rescue organization and use Revolution all the time. I treated 4 cats, infested with fleas and earmites and nothing happened.

Also, supposedly, Pet Shed is available 24 hours on 365 days but everytime I call the answering machine jumps on. It is also not possible to leave

a customer review, even if you follow the steps to do so.

I am very upset since I have spent so much money for nothing and I

would love to send the product to a lab to have it tested and sue them.

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I liked petshed.com products better then petmeds.com .pet meds both my mother and me bought flea meds at pet meds that did NOT work! I might of had to wait at petshed.com but they flea medicine did work!

Tacoma, Washington, United States #963762

I've had quite the opposite experience with Petshed regarding a complaint about flea control meds.I contacted them and they promptly sent out a better, more effective brand at no charge.

That's the good.

Now for the bad.

It's been about 2 years since I've ordered anything and recently ordered some wormers.

It's been 3 weeks and after looking at my bank statement, it appears they are now based in CHINA.I was also charged an international fee that I was not charged in the past.

Very disappointed.

Los Angeles, California, United States #914578

I too recently purchased Revolution for Cats and from the smell of it and the continued flea bites on my cat, I don't think it's the real thing.It appears to be an ineffective knock off.

Be careful. I didn't realize it was being shipped from Asia when I ordered it, but I was excited about the cheap price. I read an article recently about all the fraud going on online.

I believe this company is shipping fake meds.

This is bad b/c you lose money, and worse, your pet could be injured.

South Carolina, United States #869041

You cannot use pet shed as an alternative to Veterinary care. You still need to take you pet to the Vet to be weighed to make sure you're giving the proper dosage and you need to treat your pet every month to ensure it will be fully protected.


I am a very pleased Pet Shed customer. I haven't seen a flea on my rescued beagle since the day I got him more than a year. My cat occasionally may pick one up somewhere but the last time I took both animals to our veterinarian they were combed and not one iota of flea "dirt".

Not all animals repsond the same way to medicines. Having made the compalint that you did, I would urge you to go ahead and have a qualified laboratory analyze the product. Unfortunately we live in a litigious society and the firs time soemthing happens that some folks don't like, it's "I'm going to sue". Trust me about the legal system ... I know it quite intimately.

Now I need to place my order .....

P.S. - It's never taken more than a week for their prodcut to get to me here in the state of Washington.

Los Angeles, California, United States #692378

Revolution is ***...no matter what country it comes from.

Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #673288

When Frontline stopped working on Georgia fleas, I was forced to switch meds.I found Revolution at Pet Shed and have used it since 2004 on 3 dogs and 2 cats.

NEVER has any dog tested positive for heartworm. NEVER has there been a flea or tick on any animal since the 1st day. My kids and friends who use it report the same.

So what is wrong with the product?Nothing.

Stan Burns :grin

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #654728

I've used on my indoor cats but real challenge was a stray that we took in and quarantined infested with fleas and ear mites.I've described to many people that the fleas were jumping the first day when revolution was applied.

The next day the fleas looked drunk as I used a flea comb to check daily to check when I could put him with my other cats. By the third day all the fleas combed appeared dead.

I kept him away from the other cats a few more days.But I thought this was dramatic.


Read the small print it doesn't cover a lot, the manufacturer not the distributor, that's why I use frontline plus and a separate heartworm, no problem. :)

Canton, Michigan, United States #632907

You are an ***!The product comes sealed in the manufacters carton/package so how can petshed be responsable?

More likely you are doing something wrong or your problem is very large and needs extra treatment.

And do you have any clinical proof the product is no good while we have neg heartworm checks and neg fecal tests not to mention flea control and (my own cat) ear mite/ear problems control.Don't make problems for a good company with little knowledge or facts!

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