During the last three years as a paying customer (I use PayPal), I have always received medications with current usage dates and sealed packaging.However, once the USPS (United States Postal service) managed to destroy one box (got wet) and the contents were lost; even so PetShed replaced the order after I sent them a photo of the damaged package.

So far, I have received timely, reasonably priced, and effective medications for my dogs. I really like the fact that I can order Selamectin, as most vets here in the USA do not carry it for dogs. Selamectin is the only medication that cured my Sheltie from two types of ear and foot mites, as well as, prevent infecting my other four dogs.

Selamectin (trade names Revolution, Stronghold) is a topical parasiticide and antihelminthic used on dogs and cats, distributed by Zoetis, a former Pfizer subsidiary.It treats and prevents infections of heartworms, fleas, ear mites, sarcoptic mange (scabies), and certain types of ticks in dogs, and prevents heartworms, fleas, ear mites, hookworms, and roundworms in cats.

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